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  • Welcome to Akatrade

    Our Company is a Leading Stockist & importer of various quality products for your Engineering needs. For Over 30 Years in the UAE, We have provided our customers with Excellent service and an extensive range of the best products the industry has to offer. From garages, Fabrication shops and oil rigs, to ship chandlers and drydock yards, Aka Trade is ready to supply the products and prompt service your business deserves. Attached is a list of items that we Specialize in. We hope that our range of products listed interest you and wen look forward for your enquiries. Please feel free to contact us for any information and /or clarification

    What We do

    We are into Industrial Tools & Hardware , Ship store Supply, Non Ferrous Metals, Cuttting Tools, Pneumatic tools etc.. We caker to the GCC Countries & Africa

    "One Stop Shop Solution for all Engineering Supplies"

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